Soft Refurbishment
Soft Refurbishment inntaglio September 14, 2023

Soft Refurbishment

At Maybank, we understand the importance of maintaining a fresh and inviting atmosphere in your home or business. That’s why we offer top-notch Soft Refurbishment Service designed to transform your space without the need for extensive construction or renovation.

Why Choose Soft Refurbishment?

Soft refurbishment is the perfect solution for those who want to breathe new life into their interiors without the hassle and expense of major remodeling. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to revamp your living space or a business owner aiming to create a more welcoming environment for customers, our soft refurbishment services can help you achieve your goals.
Our Soft Refurbishment Services
  • Pattress Work
    Maybank is well equipped to take up soft refurbishment projects where you might need minor building works and alterations. This includes pattress work to ceilings & walls which essentially is a plywood or timber board fixed within a partition, to which any equipment can be secured. Whether it is for your home or commercial space, Maybank can take up a project of any capacity and any nature.
  • Cornice
    Our soft refurbishment service also includes cornice work where you might want to include an ornamental molding to your wall. However intricate the design, our talented and top of the line craftspeople can make it happen with utmost precision. Maybank is well known specially for bringing complex designs to reality and that is what sets us apart from the rest.
  • Coving
    If coving is your design of choice, our skilled artisans can create that perfectly crafted frame to match your requirement. Just like any of our other services, we don’t leave no stone unturned to make sure that it is finished to perfection.
  • Wall Moldings
    Wall moldings have been popular for a while now and we’ve finished many successful projects already giving that immaculate finish to different types of moldings. Whether it is flat or angular molding, single curved, composite or picture frame or let us know of what suits your needs and we can make it happen with utmost accuracy.
  • Dado Rails
    Dado Rails or chair rails add a visual appeal to a room and have been used since the Victorian times. In today’s modern design though they are used as decoration and are a great way to add proportion to a room. They can also be used as a clever mechanism to break up large spaces. With more and more designers opting to give their designed spaces an edge over others, dado rails can make a huge impact in the overall aesthetics. Along with other moldings, cornice and covings, Maybank specializes in creating those perfect dado rails as well if that’s your choice of design.
  • Doors, Frames and Second Fix Carpentry
    Doors, frames and second fix carpentry work can also be undertaken by Maybank. Our carpenters are the top woodworkers in the UK and are capable of creating any kind of doors, frames or carpentry work that you might need. To give this a little more perspective, second fix carpentry comprises all the work after the plastering of a finished house which infact requires a more refined finish than the first fix. Hence, we take this as a responsibility and as a habit to make sure that we deliver the highest quality possible.
  • FF&E
    Maybank also specializes in FF&E where we can build any Furniture or Fixtures that you might need for your space. This essentially include chairs, tables, desk, beds, cabinets, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, built in cabinetry, kitchen equipment, and electronic devices along with artwork, rugs, curtains etc. Let us know what your requirement is and we’ll be happy to fulfill it for you.

Transform Your Space Today!

At Maybank, we believe that a fresh, updated space can make a world of difference. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home or enhance your business environment, our soft refurbishment services are designed to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward transforming your space into something truly remarkable.

Let us help you bring your vision to life with our expert Soft Refurbishment Services. Your dream space is just a call away!

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